2011 Isa


Rose gold color; smells like tangerine, basil and light honey; has real texture and is quite savory. Lovely with turkey, Brussel sprouts and winter squashes. Should be served barely cool.



The Big Valley AVA is renowned for being the perfect place for Sauvignon Blanc. The vineyard has an ideal combination of volcanic and alluvial soils which make for a singular expression of the variety, and provide excellent drainage that forces vine roots to go deep for water. This nutrient rich soil with a substantial amount of mineral make for wines that are often thought to have a ‘twang’ to them. And I love a bit of twang in my wines. Sustainably farmed, and almost organic at this point, the vines are about 20 years old and yields are between 3 and 5 tons per acre depending on vintage. These older vines deliver more intensity than younger vines. All of this makes for wines of intensity and concentration.

Winemaker’s Notes:
Burnished amber color tending toward rose gold, brilliant; a unique nose with tangerine peel, fresh basil, minerals, light honey, and an iron element that is hard to describe; much the same in the mouth with real texture, bright acids, intensity and a long, cleansing finish. At first sip, I get the fruit flavors but as the wine passes over my tongue, it becomes more savory. Not quite an “orange” wine in the traditional sense (no oxidation here), but a wine that will pair well with almost anything that isn’t red meat. Should drink well on release and gain color, depth and complexity over a decade. This wine should never be over-chilled; cellar temperature or warmer for service.

Retail Price:

100% Sauvignon Blanc

Brix at Harvest:


Gently de-stemmed & hand sorted, skin fermented until dry, malolactic fermentation in barrel

Aged 6-7 year old French oak barrels

290 cases


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