2014 Fiano


Aged sous-voile (under a veil of yeast) this wine smells of cider apples, pine nuts and caramelized sugar with a round texture and a light nuttiness. A unique wine; fascinating! Accompanies Mediterranean food well.



Although the Russian River AVA is best known for Pinot Noir, its climate is well suited to ripen this unique grape that is indigenous to Campania. In Tanya’s Vineyard the soil is mostly clay and it holds moisture from what little rainfall occurs during the summer. Still, harvest nets only about 2 tons per acre so the quality and intensity of the grapes is high. This vineyard is located in the back yard of Chris Bowland, who farms hundreds of acres in Sonoma County. It is named after his wife and is his “labor of love.”

Winemaker’s Notes:
Dark straw color, brilliant; aromas of caramelized sugar, pine nuts, herbs, cider apples and a pine needle note might give the impression of a semi-sweet wine but the palate is dry; the flavors echo the nose, concentrated, lively acids and a roundness of texture despite the acidity; good length. Should drink well now and for another three to five years. This wine should never be over-chilled; cellar temperature or warmer for service. This wine is richer and more pungent than wines made of Fiano from the Avellino area of Italy.

Retail Price:

100% Fiano

Brix at Harvest:


Gently pressed to barrel and fermented under 70 degrees until dry, malolactic fermentation stopped naturally

Aged sous-voile for five months in 6-7 year old French oak barrels

62 cases


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